Patient Testimonials

**"Dr. Jiang is an extremely thorough practitioner who is more than capable of treating the most stubborn conditions. Dr. Jiang will tailor your treatment to your individual needs and abilities. He will work with you economically and his flexible schedule plus constant communication reminds one of the days when doctors made house calls. I came to Dr. Jiang for menstrual cycle and fertility issue. Now my son is 6 months old. Thank you, Dr. Jiang!."

- Andrea

**"About 5 years ago I started to feel weak and tired especially in my neck. I also experienced double vision, difficulty maintaining steady gaze and eyelid drooping. I was diagnosed as Myasthenia gravis. I was suggested that an experienced acupuncture specialist could help. After a few sessions of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine in Dr. Ming office, many symptoms disappeared and I felt so much better."

- Galena

**"Ming is a wonderful acupuncturist and a wonderful person to work with. He has helped me dramatically with my asthma, and the herbs that he uses for sexual dysfunction are far better than Viagra and its cousins on every level. He is compassionate, charming, and funny, and he works extra hard to both find a solution to your problem, and also to follow up and see whether his treatment is working between sessions. I've seen two other acupuncturists, and he has helped me the most, by far. I'm glad to have him as part of my life, and I'm recommending him strongly!"

- Peter

**"I never thought I'd ever do acupuncture. I heard about it, but hadn't researched on this type of alternative treatment, that is until the day my doctor told me I needed back surgery, I was told I could be scheduled for the following week. Panic and fear took over.

I had been suffering with back pain for eight months. I was taking numerous prescription drugs, including over the counter drugs to help me manage my daily pain. The medicine didn't work and I was progressively getting worse. I'd go to work using a shopping cart just to balance myself! The pain was excruciating. I tried physical therapy to no avail. I felt hopeless. Eventually I had to take a leave of absence from work.

Then one day my daughter Kristina came to see me and was shocked to see the condition I was in. She quickly got on Internet and found Dr. Ming. I knew I didn't want to have surgery but I was in so much pain. Acupuncture was something new to me, and it was my only hope.

I don't regret making my decision for this kind of alternative treatment. Six weeks after starting the treatment my back pain was gone and I went back to work. Dr. Ming has been very supportive and instrumental in helping me regain my health.

Dr. Ming is knowledgeable in his field. He is patient and will not hesitate to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. With his warm smile and friendly demeanor, I knew I was in good hands. I highly recommend Dr. Ming for healing and recovery. He has been a true blessing and I have no more back pain!"

- Madeline

**"I initially met Dr. Ming for a few sessions before the birth of my first daughter. I was pregnant, with no complications and tried acupuncture for the first time in hopes that it would help move things along so I could deliver naturally. I had my daughter within five days of my due date, naturally, no complications.

I am someone that is generally mistrustful of the way our hospitals function. Dr. Ming helped bridge that for me. He is uniquely astute. He quickly tuned into where I was at during each visit. Even within brief conversation, I could see he treats a whole person.

I just had my second daughter a week ago. I had more complications during this pregnancy; nausea, a degenerating fibroid, gestational diabetes, Strep B and anemia. I had been working, raising a toddler and found it harder to take care of myself. I decided to see Dr. Ming again. I was very touched that he remembered who I was even though it had been three years. I went regularly for treatments for a few weeks before my due date. I was more worried this time because I was told intervention would happen if my daughter did not arrive by the due date. Emotionally, I was also working through how a second child would effect my first child. Dr. Ming quickly connected to where I was at this moment in time. He gave me the treatments that would help "induce" the baby in addition to a beautiful warm caring manner. My contractions came a few days before my due date, and I delivered naturally again with no complications. I couldn''t wait to mail Dr. Ming a photo of my baby and a Thank you. I really feel he made a huge impact in how this progressed."

- Margaret

**"I met Dr. Ming around 3.5 months pregnant. Large fibroids were discovered in my uterus and I needed natural pain relief. I began to see him 2x per week to get the pain under control. Ming is a Dr in China so the combination of knowledge of eastern and western medicine was perfect for my needs. Before my pregnancy, I often used alternative medications and treatments, but due to fibroids, I had to have a Dr opposed to a midwife or home birth. Having the care and support of Dr. Ming throughout my pregnancy, in addition to an OB, was a great support and confidence builder. He has superb bedside manner and even with his busy practice, always makes time for his patients to check in and follow up. He is unusual in that regard where many doctors and health care providers these days are just to busy to "see" the patient and understand their needs.

Although, I was being treated specifically for fibroids and the pain that can accompany, I feel that acupuncture made my pregnancy much more healthful and assisted in my recovery. My baby was born naturally without pain medication--originally I was told by many OB's that I was a c section risk due to the fibroids. With the combination of the right OB and Dr Ming, I overcame the odds. I highly recommend Dr. Ming for his excellent care and approach to patients."

- Edie

**"I am so grateful to Ming for all of the help he gave me while my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child. Prior to seeing Ming, we had tried to conceive naturally for almost two years. We did get pregnant once but then I had a miscarriage. After the miscarriage my husband and I were reluctant to intervene with medical procedures to improve our odds at having a child, but I knew that I wanted (and needed!) to do something positive to help nurture myself. One of my good friends suggested that I see Ming. I knew that this was the right decision the minute I met him. I appreciated his kind words and gentle way. And, I liked the positive approach traditional eastern medicine has to nurturing the body in a holistic manner. He used a combination of acupuncture, chinese herbs and nutritional support. I became pregnant very quickly and continued to see Ming throughout the first trimester. And now I have a sweet and wonderful baby girl. Thank you, Ming!"

- L

**"When I first came to Ming Liang Jiang in early 2009 at the age of 46, I had been suffering from severe chronic pain in my legs and feet from arthritis; was at the highest weight ever in my life; in continuous discomfort from GI related issues, and suffering intense fallout from being misdiagnosed as bipolar and on the wrong kinds of medications. Almost immediately, I gained relief from the leg/foot pain and after a few months it was gone. It flares up from time to time but nowhere near as badly as before, and all it takes is a visit focusing on that area to bring it under control again. I have lost 23 pounds (it should be more and I'm struggling with that). The IBS symptoms are reduced. Most importantly, Dr. Ming has been able to treat the depression using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. His motto is always “Let's work together to fix the problem.” We in fact worked together for a few months until the right combination of herbs was achieved and a proper antidepressant found along with the help of another MD. I am now more stable and cognitively functional than in many years.

Dr. Ming has been a friend, confidant and healer, someone who has never given up on me even when I was overwhelmed. He has seen me through difficult days and into a much healthier and happier present. I currently see him on an ongoing basis for maintenance and general well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ming to any and all and will always be grateful for his kind heartedness and expertise."

- M

**"I began Acupuncture treatment with Ming in December 2008. He was recommended to me, especially in the area of weight loss. I needed to lose about 35 pounds, gain better control over my eating habits, lower my stress and increase my energy level. Now seven months later, I'm almost at my goal weight, and I'm thrilled. A combination of Acupuncture, herbs and a change in my diet has helped me safely lose weight and enjoy a higher energy level that I thought wasn't possible. Ming has been an excellent practitioner to work with; he is encouraging, supportive and most of all, very skilled. My health is excellent; I have resumed going to the gym and really enjoy it! I get compliments every day on how great I look. I recommend Ming highly to anyone wanting to improve their health, lose weight and have a better quality of life."

- Nancy

**"I was very pleased to read Ming's ad in the local Brooklyn paper because I was tired of going to Manhattan to get acupuncture treatments. Not only is Mings office more convenient, his charges are much more reasonable.

My first visit to Ming was in September of 2008. I was suffering from a non-alcoholic fatty liver and chronic foot problems. Ming asked my height and weight and determined that I fell into the obese category. So he focused on helping me lose weight. The treatments and herbs he gave me stimulated my body to lose weight much faster and easier than I could do it through diet and exercise alone. It is now May 2009 and I have lost more than 40 pounds, am at my desired weight, no longer have trouble walking and my liver is normal. I am very happy with my results and continue to see Ming on a weekly basis."

- Stanley

**"My name is Patricia and I have been seeing Ming on and off for about a year. Ming has helped me to control the pain in my knees and also to control my weight. Since starting the treatment for the weight loss I have lost 81 ponds. I have been able to control my food intake. I also do plenty of exercises.

Before I started acupuncture the doctor told me that I should have my knees replaced. I knew I didn't want to have my knees replaced. I went to Ming and after the allotted visits I have very little or no pain in my knees, and I have been able to do the things I like to do so much such as walking, bowling and exercising. I really feel very good.

I would highly recommend doing acupuncture and I would also highly recommend that you go to Ming. He is really en excellent acupuncturist."

- Patricia

**"Mingliang Jiang has been my acupuncturist for several months. I turned to him after traditional medicine techniques failed to resolve a debilitating pain that had developed in my ankle, knee and hip joints. At the time I could not sit or bend without pain, nor could I stand without assistance. Ming worked a miracle, completely eliminating the joint pain, and enabling me to return to normal daily activities. In the process, he also helped with weight loss and sinus-related headaches. I recommend him wholeheartedly!"

- Stephanie

**"I first came to Dr. Jiang to take care of a medical problem. Over the years I had been to many gastroenterologists and none of them helped me. Thankfully, I met Dr. Jiang. In a short time he cured me of a problem which had affected and controlled my life for many years.

Thanks to my gastroenterological problem I had gained a great deal of weight. Although I worked on losing it; going to nutritionists, and trying all sorts of diets, nothing worked. With the help of Dr. Jiang, I lost almost 40 pounds and have kept it off.

However, although Dr. Jiang has helped me with both a medical and weight problem, I feel the most important thing, is that he listens to me when I tell him my medical problems. Maybe that's why I am so much better now.

I am so grateful for everything Dr. Ming Jiang has done for me."

- Freda

**"I am a 54 years old man who has two back surgeries, two series of epidural injections and was on heavy pain medication. I was referred to Mingliang Jiang who specializes in acupuncture. Since February of 2008, I've been seeing Dr. Ming for acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies. I am not only off the heavy medication, I have also lost 40 lbs. which has relieve the pressure off my back and feel better. Ming has given me a new lease on life."

- John

**"Since beginning my treatments with Ming, I have experienced great relief from various menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia. In the last few months, Ming has treated me for allergy symptoms, both with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and I have been able to reduce my prescription medications for allergies by half! Ming is a warm, approachable and professional individual, a pleasure to interact with."

- Regina

**"Since August 2007, when I first started seeing Dr. Ming, my fibromyalgia and osteo-arthtitis have been significantly improved. I don't have the pain and stiffness that I used to experience. I am able to sleep better and have more energy. Also I have lost 46 pounds. I had a fatty liver and now my liver enzymes are all normal. Dr. Ming is a very caring, kind person who offers genuine care to his patients."

- Paula

**"Ming is one of the most exceptional health care professionals I have ever met. His considerable skill in acupuncture is matched not only by his level of compassion but his comprehensive knowledge of traditional and alternative medicine. He has helped me tremendously as well as others I have recommended to him. I consider myself fortunate to have found such a gifted practitioner."

- Barbara

**"I was recommended to Dr. Ming for Acupuncture by my Gynecologist to help conceive. I was 37. I had had two miscarriages previously. My husband and I had been trying again and again for about 12 months to become pregnant. I had a positive pregnancy test after treatments from Dr. Ming for less than 2 months. He continued treating me during the first three months of my pregnancy to help keep the pregnancy strong. I gave birth to a healthy, full term baby. Dr. Ming was very nice and the treatment was also relaxing. I am very grateful."

- Connie

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