Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Menstruation

Millions of women suffer from painful periods. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine have been shown in many studies to be effective in the treatment of menstrual problems. At the Acupuncture & Alternative Chinese Medicine Clinic of New York, we offer many effective solutions to restore and normalize the menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual pain.

Treating Menstruation with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

It is important to establish a diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective in order to effectively treat symptoms and problems that you experience in connection with your menstrual cycle. In Traditional Chinese medicine we observe the individual as a whole so we are not looking only at the menstrual cycle but also at digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels and other health factors. No woman is just like another even if they experience the same type of pain and illness during their menstruation. At our clinic, you will be answering the questions about the timing of the pain, the location of the pain, the character of the pain and whether or not it is aggravated or relieved by cold, heat or pressure, the regularity and length of the cycle. Practitioner will also check the quality of the pulse and the color of the tongue. As a result, we will see the bigger picture and understand what is causing you these problems. Therefore we will able to provide you a personalized assessment and comprehensive treatment plan that includes acupuncture, Chinese Herb Medicine, diet, and lifestyle changes recommendations.

When Should I Come in for a Treatment?

You can come for acupuncture for menstruation at any time during your cycle but for the best results it is recommended to start the treatment somewhere in the middle of the cycle. When you are experiencing pain, nausea and other symptoms connected to your period you should make sure to take a note of what you feel. This knowledge will help us treat you correctly also when you are mid-cycle and not suffering from pain. Give us a call and explain what your symptoms are and we will let you know when the best time to make a diagnosis and start a treatment is for you.

Treating PMS with Chinese Medicine

Many women suffer from PMS and become irritable during the week before their period. Some even experience the effects of PMS two weeks or more before the bleeding starts. PMS is troublesome but it is not something you have to accept and live with since it is not a natural state for your body but rather a signal for you to understand that something in your system is out of balance. Chinese medicine comes to look at your lifestyle, how you live, what you eat and more to help you treat your PMS.

To give you the best treatment for your PMS you will have to come in for a diagnosis where your lifestyle and symptoms are investigated. You will find that treating PMS with Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be a most healing and comfortable experience that you will take with you to continue living a healthy and sensible life.

Oftentimes, problems with menstruation and PMS have to do with the fact that you are not stopping to give yourself the attention that you need. Today's stressed and hectic lifestyle is making many ill and by just slowing down to take a look at where you are holding you are taking a giant step to a more productive and energized life!

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