Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Infertility

For couples that have gone through infertility problems, and heard conventional medicine experts explain to them that there isn't much more to do, THERE IS more to do. A lot of the agony of going through conventional infertility treatments can be spared if you go straight for Chinese medicine and acupuncture. While there is never any 100% guarantee for success with any treatment of infertility, acupuncture, combined with Chinese herbal medicine, has proven successful in so many cases. More and more infertility doctors are recommending that their patients visit acupuncturists to facilitate pregnancy.

A Baby at Last!

There are plenty of cases where a couple gets the message that they can't get pregnant and that they should just give it a rest only to find out that with acupuncture and Chinese medicine they can actually have that baby. Many clinical studies have shown that acupuncture significantly improves fertility. There are a number of theories as to why it does. As to the benefits, you'll be able to see that acupuncture can help on a variety of levels. Unlike conventional medicine, acupuncture works with your body as a system instead of as individual parts. It helps support your body in its entirety and realigns your system for optimal health. Acupuncture, combined with Chinese herbs, can stimulates to stimulate egg production, helps balance hormones, regulate a menstrual cycle, increase blood flow to the uterus and strengthens immunity. All of these benefits can help you get pregnant and stay pregnant.

For Mom and Dad

Chinese medicine analyzes and diagnoses the imbalances in both partners, which is very important in treating infertility problems. By rectifying those imbalances in both partners fertility is improved but this is not all. When a couple is undergoing fertility problems, they are experiencing an intense amount of stress and worry. The stress and sorrow of experiencing failure after failure is a very big cause for the continued problems with infertility. Acupuncture has been known to decrease stress levels and this alone can be helpful in overcoming fertility. Taking time each week to relax your body and release your mind from your worries can only help with your quest to get pregnant.

We Can Help You

If you want to try and treat infertility with acupuncture and Chinese medicine you should come in for a consultation and a diagnosis. We will look at your specific case and see what can be done to help you. Mr. Jiang offers comprehensive initial consultations. During the first visit, he will review the patient's medical history, as well as history of infertility. He will examine the timing of the patient's menstrual cycle and the patient's current physical condition through observation of the tongue, pulse, and palpation. He will also discuss the goals of treatment with the patient. From his many years experiences in the treatment of women's health issues, and careful reviewing and analyzing your specific case, Mr. Jiang can often identify factors that influence both conception and pregnancy, and subtle signs of imbalance can lead to future illness. He will provide you with a personalized assessment and a comprehensive treatment plan.

In addition to infertility treatment, Mr. Jiang also educates and helps you to recognize your own fertility patterns and profile by teaching you how to chart your temperature, monitoring the texture of their cervical secretions and identifying the timing of ovulation. With those knowledge you will have a better chance of predicting your most fertile periods.

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