Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Allergy

Allergies can be quite perplexing; on one hand they are a completely physical reaction and demonstration of the body's disapproval and suspicion of certain substances. People who are allergic to cats, dogs and dust will experience symptoms like sneezing, wheezing and itching when they come into contact with the irritant. You can take various medications to stop the allergic reaction but these will never treat the underlying cause of the allergies which is in essence an imbalance in your body. Just what causes your allergy must be diagnosed and Chinese medicine looks at the root for your allergic reactions. With acupuncture you can get rid of your allergies permanently.

Treating Allergies with Acupuncture

In reality the irritant that causes your allergic reaction poses no danger to you but even so your body will get the message from the brain to produce histamines that are let out in the blood to attack the irritant. Conventional medicine put in anti-histamines to counter the histamines in your blood that makes you experience all of the annoying and difficult symptoms. These medicines also make you tired and in some cases it can even be hard to live a normal life with them.

Acupuncture will not attack the histamines already let out in your blood stream but rather go to the source of why they are there to begin with. By correcting the imbalance and freeing up your qi, acupuncture can help to reduce the symptoms from your allergies. Now, it is important to understand that this is not a quick fix, in and out of our office. For a lasting result you need to be properly diagnosed to get the right treatment against your allergies.

A Comprehensive Treatment against Allergies

When you come to our practice to treat your allergies we will take a look at your lifestyle and general health for a comprehensive treatment. Chinese medicine focuses both on symptoms and on the lifestyle of the person. This means that apart from the acupuncture you will need to look over your diet and lifestyle to treat your allergy problems. This is something that his hard to do without the proper guidance and the right tools for assessing how your food and general way of life can influence your problems with allergies. When you come to us we will give you a complete picture by diagnosing your symptoms and your lifestyle as a whole to see how the different parts influence your allergies and general health.

Free of Allergies

If you suffer from very heavy allergies it is wise to turn to acupuncture since this is one of the few methods that is known to actually make a difference also in tough cases. How fast you will see a relief depends on how long you have been suffering and what it is that really causes your specific allergies. Come in for a consultation and we will look closer at what type of treatment that could help you live a life free of allergies.

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