Chinese Acupuncture of Brooklyn

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Acupuncture & Alternative Chinese Medicine of New York is a comprehensive clinic founded by Mr. Ming-Liang Jiang, located at campus of New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, providing a broad range of alternative solutions for womanís health, pain, allergy, stress, and other related health issues. The clinic is affiliated with the Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at New York Methodist Hospital.

What kind of diseases can Acupuncture treat?

For thousands of years in China, acupuncture has been a primary means of treatment for illnesses of all kind. While Americans are most familiar with the use of acupuncture for pain control and anesthesia, Acupuncture can actually be effective in treating a wide variety of conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) recognize more than 50 conditions being effectively treated by acupuncture and herbal medicine...(more)

Can Acupuncture Benefit You?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy that promotes natural healing of the body.

Acupuncture can provide you:

  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Strengthens your immune iystem
  • Stress reduction and emotional balance
  • Improved and faster recovery from injury, illness and surgery
  • Premenstrual (PMS) and Menopausal symptom relief
  • Reduction of side effects of chemo and radiation therapies
  • Very few side effects
  • Improved Health and Quality of Life

How can Mr. Jiang Help you?

Mr. Jiang was educated in traditional Chinese medicine in China. He has over 8 years of training, with special focus on acupuncture and herbology. He has been practicing in the TCM field for nearly 30 years. His practice covers a variety of conditions...(more)

Mr. Jiang works closely with each patient to uncover the root of one's ailments. He will carefully examining all aspects of your health: details of medical, surgical and family history and other lifestyle habits. After meeting you and examining you carefully, Mr. Jiang will provide you a highly individualized treatment plan to rebalance the your system through diet, lifestyle, acupuncture and herbs. Mr. Jiangís goal is not only to relieve the symptoms of your illness and disease, but also improve the strength of your body and mind to promote your wellness and quality of life.

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